Here is what others are saying about Joe's
One Song at a Time: Tales From The Kerrville Folk Festival

***** Amusing, Intimate, Surprising
This is a wonderful, enchanting hour of interesting people and music! ... I really enjoyed journeying from one camp site to the next, hearing the rain storm and floods, the concerts and middle of the night camp fire chatting and songs. By the end, I felt as if I had really visited the Kerrville Folk Festival!
A marvelous hour! A treat for the ears!
-Rodney Collins, Public Radio Exchange Listener,
Flint, MI - January 28, 2005

**** Humorous, Personal
I enjoyed listening to the interviews of regular people. Listening to all the sounds.
It was almost like being there and at times felt like I was hangin' out with the folks there.
- SueAnn Sanders, Public Radio Exchange Listener,
Sarasota, FL - February 8, 2005

Here is what others are saying about Joe's
Lady Bird Johnson: Legacy of a First Lady

***** Informational, Inspiring
This is an excellent, uplifting journey through Ladybird Johnson’s life, and her growth and transition to first lady under tragic conditions. It’s wonderful to hear her voice, rendered here in excerpts from interviews she's given and speeches she's made. It is especially poignant to hear a portion of her first audio diary entry, made the day after JFK’s assassination. Nuanced choices of music are a production plus, but the strength is in the spoken word. Wisely chosen excerpts create a rich experience. The hour contains a wide range of voices, from historians to those who worked with her or know her, and they pinpoint her influence on LBJ, and on the capital, and the nation –– particularly in the areas of environment, race, and education. She truly is a force for good.
- Transom Editors , Public Radio Exchange Listener,
Atlantic Public Media - December 4, 2003

Here is what others are saying about Joe's
From Moonshine to Armadillos:
The Birth of the Live Austin Music Scene

This program offers a soup to nuts history of Austin's growth into the live music Mecca that it's become today. The show is more than just contemporary talking heads and music--it features an amazing collection of archival interviews and recordings (including tape of some never-before-heard early Janis Joplin performances, which should qualify as an authentic archival treasure). The writing is acceptable (but a bit leaden), yet the production is well put-together, flowing smoothly between many different elements.
-Eric Nuzum, Producer
Kent, OH - January 5, 2004

Here is what others are saying about Joe's
Dad & Daws (Father's Day)

**** Amusing, Contemplative, Informational
Listened to piece while working on a presentation. The piece did not interrupt what I was doing, but I found myself listening more and more. It really appealed to me and was uplifting. It shows how bad situations do not always have a bad ending. It also made me appreciate my father all the more.
-Brad Powers
Ames, IA - June 15, 200

***** Engaging, Intimate, Real
What a wonderfully crafted piece for Father's Day. Joe brings us a captivating, intimate, sound rich story. He does it with simple writing and without being overly dramatic.
--- The story has a steady tone that keeps listeners engaged, definitely a candidate for a driveway moment. The story also has a flowing narrative with good visual imagery.
--- I also love hearing that the correspondence with Daws was done via letter and cassette, especially now in the era of e-mail, blogs etc.
--- The story of Joe's father is disturbing and troubling. However, Joe's writing and use of tape makes it an element of a story and shines the light on the good that came out of his work with Daws and the career that grew from his love for cartoon characters. He leaves the listener feeling good for him and sharing the same wonder about his father's purchase of a stereo tape recorder.
--- Kudos for saving all this tape and weaving into a sound-rich, personal essay.
-Arvid Hokanson , KUOW - May 31, 2007

Here is what others are saying about Joe's
A Guy Named Joe Bevilacqua

**** Amusing, Humorous
Good story, with a little twist and a lot of interesting story. It's fairly conventional a safe bet for any station looking at perhaps a lighter side of name mixups or identity theft (hard to find a "lite" side to that, though).
-Hans Anderson, Producer
Corpus Christi, TX - December 29, 2003

***** Amusing, Engaging, Humorous
I really like this piece! It's takes a very creative approach to what could have been a simple, two-dimensional story. It's also very memorable-- I recall hearing this on the air, and that was over a year ago. This makes for fun listening!
-Scott Gurian, Producer
Norman, OK - July 17, 2004

**** Amusing, Engaging, Quirky
A neat, humorous piece with a hint of philosophical undertone for depth.
-Laurence Stevenson
Toronto - May 12, 2005

Here is what others are saying about Joe's
"The Odd Father's Greatest Hits"

**** Amusing, Light-hearted
I really enjoyed listening to "The Odd Father's Greatest Hits. It is a very clever, humorous and creative concept. And the Actor was able to perform a pretty good voice immitation of Marlon Brando.
- LaDebra Moore-Fletcher, North Plainfield, NJ
August 8, 2006

Here is what others are saying about Joe's
"The Open Door" Modules

***** Contemplative, Inspiring, Thoughtful
What a great way to start off the day after the plague of bad news we listen to every morning.
These are two-minute meditations in spirituality done in a completely inviting and non-invasive approach--almost a module form of New Dimensions. The Open Door has cool music and a warm host and honestly the cuts of the featured speakers do give you a lot to think about as you go through your day. I listened to the three modules and found each one thought-provoking. What a great way to start off the day after the plague of bad news we listen to every morning. One little module that gives hope and introspection would make heading out through that door more what? Open? I encourage stations to listen to The Open Door modules and use them as drop-ins, and I encourage the producers to start making a lot more modules so stations can start programming them!
- Dmae Roberts, Producer
Portland, OR - January 30, 2005

Here is what others are saying about Joe's
Louis Armstrong's New Orleans, with Wynton Marsalis

***** Informational, Polished, Sound Rich
Joe Bevilacqua strikes again with this superb documentary on the life and music of Louis Armstrong. The rich tapestry of music, interviews and sound from the streets of New Orleans is expertly produced. In addition to some rare recordings, the program includes interviews with Wynton Marsalas and others that really add to what is primarily a music program, rather than detract from the focus of the program. The sound quality is excellent, and the vintage recordings have been cleaned up well. The program is both entertaining and informative, and held my interest for the entire hour. This program would fit well as a special hour in any local jazz program, and I highly recommend it.
- Phil Corriveau, Producer, Wisconsin Public Radio
February 19, 2006


Here is what others are saying about Joe's
Comedy-O-Rama Hour Series


**** Engaging, Humorous
Not quite the making-of I was hoping for, but fun to listen to nonetheless. This one is a step ahead of other WOTW pieces because it features interviews with John Houseman, Arthur Anderson, and Howard Koch. There's nothing like listening to the people who were part of the show. The interviews were sometime hard to follow, the recordings are not of high quality. The second segment is a parody of WOTW. I guess after listening to tons of parodies, the parody didn't do much for me. It would have if the language style was updated. Nevertheless, it is worth listening to.
Emon Hassan, Producer, New York, NY - July 2, 2005


*** Edgy, Experimental, Offbeat
An incongruous melding of interview, standup and radio theater, this comedy special featuring Lewis Black easily cuts through the usual public radio monotone. The production values are excellent and it sounds much more like something from MTV or Comedy Central than, say, Fresh Air, TAL or Morning Edition. However, the narrative flow sometimes plays backseat to the rapid fire skits and I sometimes got a little lost in the piece.
--- This would make a good special for a holiday, or play very well next to other radio theater programs. The show doesn't identify itself well, so it could use an announcer or local host to break into the body of the special to let new listeners know what they're listening to.
- Ben Adair, Producer, Los Angeles, CA - August 13, 2006

THE COMEDY-O-RAMA "FOURTH OF JULY" SPECIAL: "Fireworks at Camp Waterlogg"

*** Experimental, Humorous
The Comedy-O-Rama draws characters that everyone can relate to, just turned up a notch for chuckles. The production is slick and story engaging.
- Tanya Ott, Producer, WBHM-FM
Birmingham, AL - July 10, 2005

*** Amusing, Humorous, Light-hearted
I listened to Part One of this comedy special. The programs opens with daughter Laurie talking with Mom on the phone. Within two minutes, I was chuckling. When Mom mentions her “lard and sugar” sandwich that she put down somewhere, the producer had me. This “visit to Camp Waterlogg with Ranger Joe and Ranger Laurie” in the Catskills is delightfully funny, with characters that are goofy and cute. Good for light, summer listening.
- D. Cameron Lawrence , Down to Earth Productions
Louisville, KY - July 1, 2005

“The Comedy-O-Rama Valentine’s Special is an antidote for the Winter blues!”
- Rodney Collins, Public Radio Exchange Listener,
Flint, MI

“The Comedy-O-Rama Hour is one of the most unique and original productions out there these days. With Joe’s talent for different voices, I never know what’s coming next, or what it will sound like. Another thing that makes these shows stand out is that it is quite obvious to the listener that Joe and his cast
are having fun making these shows, and that makes them fun to listen to as well.”
- Steve Karesh, Program Director,
Sonic Theater XM Satellite Radio

“There’s one simple reason Comedy-O-Rama attracts the attention of creative PDs it’s fun. It’s PRPD’s Core Value of ‘humor’ delivered with a ‘uniquely human voice’. Bevilacqua is indisputably unique, and as a disciple of Yogi Bear (well,
Daws Butler, actually) he’s master of scores of voices.”
- Geo Beach,
Tempest Studios, Homer, AK

“This is radio-theater for the new millenium (we’re in it.) Joe Bevilacqua shines in his writing and voice-work. Thou imagination should’st run hither upon convening your ears to the pleasures of Joe Bev’s inner-world.”
- Bill Palladino, WNMC - FM - Traverse City, MI

“The husband-and-wife team (Bevilacqua and Kellogg) broadcast each program from their Napanoch home, which they have redesigned to look like the Ranger Station at Hanna-Barbera’s Jellystone National Park. Because the recording is done here instead of in a studio, and much of the comedy is improvisational, the stories have a unique, intimate feel.”
- Melissa Lajara, reporter, The Daily Freeman, New York

“An atmosphere of folk art and sophisticated sound equipment merge to create radio theater of a distinctly upbeat, G-rated variety.”
- Deborah Medenbach, reporter, Times Herald-Record, New York

“Well worth listening to, and would make an hour, on a cold winters night, warm and engaging.”
- Corky Everett, Public Radio Exchange listener, Lenexa, KS

Here is what others are saying about Joe's
An Interview with Joe Barbera

*** Amusing, Informational, Personal
Barbera talks about the creative process, and his points are well-illustrated by carefully chosen excerpts from a host of favorite cartoons. The interview starts approx. 2 mins into the piece and ends at 21.30; as the producer alludes above, it might be more easily incorporated into a show without the host intro/outro as the sudden appearance of a WNYC voice may confuse listeners! It could provide historical perspective for a show about animation, or excerpted for a show about the creative process.
Even reveals the origin of the cry "yabadabadoo" from the flintstones! HW.
- Transom Editors , Atlantic Public Media - December 5, 2003

Here is what others are saying about Joe's
An Interview with Joe Barbera

**** Engaging, Humorous, Informational
I love behind-the-scenes pieces. They are some of the most interesting things, and I've been a big enough fan of the cartoons that I can associate some of the stuff that was talked about.
---This piece works very well because of the access to not only Barbera, but to all the footage of the cartoons, so it wasn't just a dry interview. It's much different, but it reminds me of those behind-the-scenes DVD extras at how they made Star Wars or The Matrix. Now that I think about it, it might be even better to hear those, than see them, as I did.
---This piece could air at Babera's death -- I hope that's a long way off, but it is inevitable. Otherwise, it's just a fun interview, and it could go anywhere you want to inject a little lightness, a little fun.
Hans Anderson, Producer
Corpus Christi, TX - December 29, 2003

Here is what others are saying about Joe's
A Mathematical Valentine

**** Earnest, Edgy
I like the feel of this piece particularly the idea that a math teacher is making an effort to console us in the world of endless emotion.
Definitely timely and a breath of fresh air for the upcoming Valentines Day.
- Joel Brussell, Producer, New Buffalo, MI
January 17, 2007



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